Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spring and Ice-Cream

So the first entry is always an odd one, will anyone really read it? How far will I get with updating this blog? To prove to myself I will keep this up, I have set a weekly reminder on my phone to do it!

As I'm not the best with words, there will probably be more photos, but I will attempt to tell the story behind it.

So after a mile and half walk home from Cirencester town centre today, as I was approaching my house at the top of the hill, the Ice-cream van, which I haven't seen for a very long time, stops right outside my house. Although the weather is still brisk, the sun was shining, so I treated myself to a classic 99 cone with a choc flake and raspberry sauce (which no longer costs 99p but £1.20). Spring is on its way. So heres my delicious ice-cream, full of promise for the coming summer to be a very successful and enjoyable one for me.

The statue in the background is a Hungarian Wedding statue, which sits on the rusting french garden table, risking all elements, mainly theft and bird poo!

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