Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rememberance Day Tea Party

We've been go go go in the Lavinia's Tea Party country, with china hires for chistenings, birthdays, hen do's and weddings, not to mention 200 people coming along to the Wiltshire Tea Party, we've been very busy! Here some photos of guests at the last tea party featured in Cirencester Life magazine.

So 13th November 2011 is the Sunday following Remembrance day, we're holding a tea party at Somewhere Else in Cirencester. This will be the last one for this year, and to make it extra special we'll be having two sittings, to avoid over crowding! 2-5pm and 5-8:30pm.

Each sitting will include vintage caberet, yes there will be some burlesque in each session, a fantastic array of vintage stalls, tea and cake served on vintage china, a Dj spinning original 1950's- 1960's records plus:

The wonderful Merry Milliner's will be running their 'Tipper hat' workshop, with proceeds going to the British Legion Poppy Appeal. There will be lots of Vinyl records with the money also going to the charity.

We have the fantastic 'Lucky' Uncle George, who will be compering a fashion show, so ladies be ready to look the part - there will be a pamper parlour there so don't panic!

Save some extra change for a raffle of exciting vintage goodies, with all the money going to the Poppy Appeal.

Tickets available online or at Somewhere Else, Castle Street, Cirencester.

Looking forward to seeing everyone dressed in vintage goodness, for some Guy tips or Ladies tips and how to make a gas mask box to match your outfit see Gracie's Tips, and some gorgeous 1940's and 1950's dresses see Vivien of Holloway, we'll be in beautiful satin circle dresses.