Saturday, 21 May 2011

One mans rubbish is another mans treasure...

Wow a busy month and lots of exciting things coming up! May i only hint at a fancy garden party, a studio/tea room, vintage pamper evening and an air raid shelter!!

So the more china I collect, means breakages happen, and theres no point crying over spilt milk, and I must admit I am a I have a lot of broken china pieces which I cannot bear to throw away. I've been racking my brain to figure away to give these broken pieces a new lease of life, and then it came to me... I can sand of the sharp and dangerous edges to make beautiful earrings and brooches. So even if theres no tea or cake around, one can still be wearing some gorgeous up-cycled vintage china!

Here are a few of the pretty pieces I've added on to my Etsy shop. As each pieces is individual, you will never bump into someone with the same earrings on as you, (unlike high street brands). These have been sanded with love and I have cuts on my hands from the initial process of removing sharp edges, so they are safe to wear!

To buy a unique china brooch or earrings visit my Etsy shop Lavinia's Tea Party.