Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pretty Vintage China for every Occasion

Don't let the bad weather ruin your plans for summery garden parties, quaint teas and English frivolities this Great British summer!

So I've just had a cancellation, the wedding was to have a lovely afternoon tea using my pretty vintage china tea cups, after their wedding ceremony in a marquee. I was shocked to hear that they've scrapped the afternoon tea, as it was too summery for the low temperatures and rain fall expected for this weekend, which I thought was an utter shame. The English pride ourselves on carrying on regardless of the weather, I'm not sure what theme the wedding is having now, maybe mince pies and mulled wine with warm fur coats, probably more fitting with the recent storms. It maybe June and it maybe miserable, but there is nothing better than having a warming cup of tea and piece of cake on a slightly chilly day.

Guest in boating jacket and vintage tea pot to hire only £4
So for bride and grooms wanting a vintage country touch to their summer weddings, wondering what to do in this cooler weather... I say to hell with the weather, this is our summer and if we want it to at least feel like summer we need to don some thermals under our boating jackets and summer dresses.
Vintage tea pots available to hire for weddings and parties only £4
Get lots of hot tea and coffee on the go to warm wedding and garden party guests up, poured from beautiful vintage tea pots. Tea and Coffee pots are only £4 to hire, which adds the vintage touch to every event and the gorgeous designs on the tea cups, which are only £1.20 will distract from the cold!
If you were planning on serving Pimm's or old fashioned lemonade, you can serve winter Pimm's and warm apple juice for the children. Winter Pimm's uses Pimm's No 3, it has a brandy base to it, which you mix with warm apple juice, its delicious and warming, plus it can still be served from a tea pot and you don't have to faff around with all the fruit! Don't give in to the bad British summer, hire some pretty china from Lavinia's Tea Party to add that vintage touch to a splendid afternoon tea party!